Guides: Take Control of your Find the Fishing Page!

When Find the Fishing was created, we had one purpose in mind – make it easier for a fisherman to find a fishing guide, and to make it easier for a guide to connect with his clients. With nearly 500 guides in our database, we think we’re off to a pretty good start! We scour the internet for charters and guides, then we gather all the information about the service: contact information, social media presence, boat details, trip rates, species fish targeted, waters fished, and regions served! All that is laid out into a straightforward information page unique to that guide.

But what happens when you get a new boat? A new phone number? Change your rates or the trips you offer? We do periodically revisit your website to make sure your listing is up to date, but sometimes it may take some time to discover the changes. With the new functionality we’ve just rolled out, you can make those updates on your own! Your page stays up to date, and your prospective clients don’t miss out on that new trip you have to offer! And let’s put all our cards out on the table – it makes our life easier too.

It is easy to get started, and using our update system is very intuitive. As the guide or charter owner, simply register for a free account, go to your guide page, and click the link to “Own this Company.” If you have access to your web servers, we’ll provide you with a file to upload to your website (so we can confirm the person requesting the page is actually the owner). If not, simply email us, and we’ll take it from there! If you aren’t listed yet, either email us at with your website, or use our Get Listed page to submit yourself!

Site News – 8/22/2012

In between adding guides to our database, we also strive to improve the look and functionality of the site. You’ll notice a few changes – we’ve tweaked the design of each guide’s page and enhanced the search functionality. If you go to the “Locations” tab, you’ll find you can now browse the guides by Region or by State. Looking for the fishing calendars we had? We didn’t get rid of them! Just click details next to the region to find the description and the best time to target different species.

While this may not seem like much, we have quite a bit planned for the near future. We’re going to be tweaking the search results page to give you more information up front and at a glance. We’ll also be expanding our search capabilities. You may want to catch Marlin in South Florida, but you probably also have a budget. Soon you’ll not only be able to see the price range for each charter, but also search within a price range!

If you’re visiting this site, you probably love fishing. We’re planning to expand content. Here at Find the Fishing, we have a soft spot for fly fishing. Look for some instructional videos and write ups for fly casting and fly tying. We’ll also be reviewing equipment as we test it out.

In the meantime, help us get the word out! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tell your friends to check us out! More importantly, if you’re a fishing guide, run a charter service, or have a favorite that you’ve used in the past, send us the information! There’s never ANY cost to have a website listed with us.