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If you love Cape Cod, deep sea fishing, and have a variety of favorites to chase after, you're in luck. Big Fish Charters produce exciting adventures no matter which type of fish you desire! With over 30 years experience, we specialize in cod, tuna, striped bass, and shark, and offer many other charters including pollack, haddock, halibut, wolffish, monkfish, and bluefish.


Big Fish
30' Contender Center Console
Big Fish is an all fiberglass, 30-foot Contender center console high-speed Cape Cod Charter Fishing Boat. Big Fish has the same top quality electronics and fishing equipment as our other boats to ensure consistent fishing success. This boat is extremely fast and is ideal for all types of trips from cod to giant tuna. This boat is ideal for one to four people and can surpass speeds of 40 mph in good weather, depending on the load for that day.
Big Fish II
35' Bruno and Stillman Sport Fisher
Big Fish II is an all fiberglass 35 Foot Bruno and Stillman diesel sportfisherman equipped with all the latest electronics and fishing tackle to ensure your safety and ocean fishing success. The boat is fishing efficient, modern and comfortable. The Big Fish II is fully equipped to catch cod, pollack, haddock, wolffish, giant bluefin tuna, school tuna, striped bass, bluefish, shark and any other species caught in Massachusetts.
Big Fish III
38' Holland Sport Fisher
Big Fish III is an all fiberglass 38 Foot Holland Sportfisherman especially built for offshore deep sea fishing. The boat is fast and comfortable. The 425 H.P. Caterpillar diesel turbo-charged engine cruises at 19-20 knots and brings you to the fishing grounds in minimum time. The boat is equipped with the latest electronics to ensure your safety and success in offshore fishing. The boat has radar, loran, 3 color fish finders, plotter, GPS, 2 VHF Radios, CB and auto pilot. The heated cabin is completely sealed off from the weather, has ample seating, full size head, microwave, stereo system and V-bunks for your ensured comfort. We use only quality fishing tackle: matched PENN Rods and Reels, MUSTAD hooks and top quality line and lures.


Bass and Bluefish
8 Hours
Best time to fish for striped bass and Bluefish off the coast of Massachusetts is June, July, August, September and October.
Bass and Bluefish
11 Hours
Best time to fish for striped bass and Bluefish off the coast of Massachusetts is June, July, August, September and October.
Haddock and Cod
11 Hours
Our Stellwagen Bank Cod Fishing Charters are 10-11 hour trips dock-to-dock. The boat ride is normally about 1-1/2 hours each way, leaving about 7-8 hours fishing time. We usually leave the dock at 5:00 a.m. and return after 3:00 p.m. The best time for cod is March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October.
12 Hours
As with all tuna fishing charters in this area, giant tuna (over 73 inches) belong to the boat. However, with the Big Fish II, 1/3 of the money from the sale of the tuna is returned to you.


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