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When it comes to LAKE MICHIGAN fishing CHARTERS, we are the most LUXURIOUS! We go FARTHER where the SALMON and TROUT are. We go FASTER thanks to two powerful 745hp diesels. We go in LUXURY, due to our stable 53-foot length.


53' Ocean Yacht Sport Fisher
Diazepam is among the largest sport fishing boats on Lake Michigan. While fishing boats typically range from 35 to 42 feet, we are a 53-foot Ocean Yacht Sports Fishing Convertible, the most stable, comfortable and far-ranging in the Lake Michigan fleet. Powered by twin Detroit Diesels, each producing 745 horsepower, we can get to the fish, no matter where they are (well, the St. Lawrence Seaway is a little out of our day range!). Our fishing gear is the finest tournament quality and our navigation and fish-finding electronics are state of the art. Plus with two immaculately maintained bathrooms, a luxurious salon, satellite tv and more, Diazepam is the perfect ship for both friends and family.


Sport Fishing
6 Hours
All bait and tackle included. Each additional hour is $100. Start time is determined by the client.


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John Oberman
(773) 454-6442


Montrose Harbor
601 W Montrose Drive
Chicago, IL 60613

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