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Captain Arch Brach Bracher has fished this area for over 3 decades. Growing up in Northern Florida and then nearby Virginia Beach it did not take long for his brother Captain Pat Bracher and him to recognize where the real fishing action was. As a mate for an offshore charter boat out of Rudy Inlet, Arch really began to cut his teeth deep sea fishing after joining up with Chip Schaffer on the Temptress in the 80's. Then, with the purchase of his first Pelican in 1990 (a 50 foot Sheldon Midget built boat) he began his owner/captain career becoming one of the most successful sports fishing captains in and around the Gulf Stream.

In 2000, Capt. Arch Bracher had a 56 foot, Paul Mann sport fisher custom built and the second and current Pelican saga began. Arch is a dedicated angler, captain and conservationist who will choose first to release anything hooked should conditions allow. He also actively participates in tagging programs for billfish and drum. Arch, the Pelican, crew and guests are consistent tournament winners with a key illustration being his winning of The Master’s Sailfish Tournament in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and the 2006 Pirate's Cove Tournament. In addition, he is consistently at the top of the annual billfish count at his port of call, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, while at the wheel of the "Pelican."


56' Paul Mann Sport Fisher


11 Hours


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Arch Bracher
(252) 441-3197


Oregon Inlet Fishing Center
98 NC 12 Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959

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