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North Shore Troutdoor's mission is first and foremost to introduce new anglers to the outdoors. As the newest guide service on the north shore it is our goal to show anglers what Minnesota/Wisconsin truly has to offer. Many think of the Midwest as the land of big bass and elusive walleye, and they are quick to overlook what lies north on the shores of Lake Superior. Whether it be the steelhead of the spring or the salmon in the fall there is plenty to experience. The company is geared towards younger faces teaching anglers new and innovative techniques to improve their fishing experience. The North Shore of Minnesota and Wisconsin allows anglers the chance to catch anadromous fish once only thought to reside on the west coast. All while taking in the fresh air and acquainting themselves with the beauty that surrounds them.

Our guides pride themselves on their multi-species talents. Whether it be fly fishing or spinning gear they share one common interest, catching fishing. They have spent countless hours in the lakes and rivers honing their skills and perfecting their techniques in order to provide anglers with copious amount of knowledge. Their goal is not only to put people on fish but also bring awareness to the fish that reside in the northern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our guides are very knowledgeable of the area and are in the water every chance they get. Anglers can be reassured that when booking a trip with North Shore Troutdoors they are in good hands.
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