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My name is Capt. Mark Hall and I have been fishing the waters of South Florida for over 15 years. In that time I have spent countless hours fishing the canals and lakes of Dade County Florida for the hard fighting Peacock Bass.

The Peacock Bass is one of my absolute favorite species to catch on fly. Peacocks offer all of the necessary ingredients for exciting fly fishing. They are aggressive feeders, hard fighters and they love to attack prey on the surface.

They are an excellent target of novice fly fisherman because of their aggressiveness, and you don't have to be able to cast a 100' of line to catch them.

If fly fishing is not your thing I am more than happy to accommodate. Peacocks love live bait as well as a host of artificial baits.

I can provide all of the necessary equipment for your trip, or you can bring your own. For conventional tackle a standard Large Mouth Bass outfit is perfect. For fly fisherman I would suggest a 6wt. You can go a little lighter or a little heavier. Although wind is the only factor that would make me opt of a 7 or 8wt.
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Peacock Bass
5 Hours
Peacock Bass
8 Hours
Inshore Saltwater
5 Hours
Inshore Saltwater
8 Hours
Nighttime Tarpon
6 Hours
Combo Trips
2 Days
1 Full guided day of Peacock Bass fishing. 1 Full guided day or night of inshore light tackle saltwater fishing for one or several of the following world class game fish; Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish, Permit, Redfish. It is not necessary to book these trips for consecutive days.
Includes all of the necessary equipment; Fly Rods, Spinning Rods, Plug Rods, lures and/or bait which ever you prefer. You are always welcome to bring your own equipment.


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