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Louisiana has one of the best saltwater fisheries in the world! Experiencing the marsh and what it has to offer is just... unexplainable. You'll have no sight of society, just raw nature. No exhaust smells, no car horns honking, no trains, no traffic, and no red lights. It's a vacation from what many call "life". Well, the marsh will show you that there is so much more to life than what you may think.

There is such a large diversity of wildlife in the Louisiana marsh and you will see something different every time you go out. You never know what you'll experience, but you'll always be glad you did. Southern Fly Expeditions' goal is to give you the most pleasant and rewarding experience possible, which also includes catching fish of a lifetime. We have some of the largest, most aggressive, most powerful inshore species there are such as GIANT Redfish and Black Drum, challenging Sheepshead, huge freight-train Jack Crevalle, hungry Sharks, and monstrous Alligator Gar! Once you sight-fish one of these species on fly or light tackle you will be hooked for life and the experience will visit you in your dreams until you come back and do it again, but don't expect it to stop.
Offers fly fishing


Beavertail Elite Flats Skiff


Half Day
4 Hours
Summer Only
Full Day
8 Hours
Includes transportation from your New Orleans hotel to the marina and back. Don't worry about renting a car or calling cabs to meet us at the restaurant or marina. We've got you covered! Also includes all fly and light tackle gear.


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Brandon Keck
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156 Millaudon St
New Orleans, LA 70118

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