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There are a great many sportfishing and charter fishing hotspots throughout the US coastal regions but from an anglers point of view there aren't many regions that quite compare to Chesapeake Bay charter fishing. With a large population of marine life the Chesapeake Bay is a seafood lovers and saltwater sportsmans paradise.

The massive Chesapeake Bay saltwater basin is at its widest point is near 35 miles wide at the mouth of the Potomac in Maryland and is over 200 miles long extending all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland. The Upper Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore has some fertile fishing grounds and is a frequent stop for anglers on a Chesapeake Bay charter fishing vacation. In fact the Baltimore fishing charters and the Chesapeake Bay are major tourist draws for the state.

More than 350 different species of finfish can be found in the Chesapeake Bay. Some of the more well known species are permanent residents, while others migrate seasonally. Depending on their feeding habits and spawning requirements, many fish move between shallow and deep water or between freshwater and saltwater throughout the year. Not all of these species are ever targeted by the fishing charters of the region though. In fact only a handfull of species are sought out by anglers fishing the Chesapeake Bay, whether they be a private angler or on a local Baltimore fishing boat charter.


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All licenses, rods, bait, tackle, and ice for fish is included. Prices are for 6 or fewer passengers.


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