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In business for over 36 years, same boat and same captain since 1976. We offer reasonable rates and a top notch crew. This is not a business owned by some independently wealthy, retired or relocated person, the captain is not a hired hand, this is a professional captain with a lifetime of experience fishing the Keys who owns and operates his own boat. We want to take you fishing, this is all we do, all year, every year.


Restless Too
34' Hatteras Sport Fisher
The RESTLESS TOO is a 1964 Hatteras powered with twin John Deere diesels (we use biofuel, it has no diesel fumes), top quality tackle and a vast array of modern electronics.


Half Day
4 Hours
3/4 Day
6 Hours
Full Day
8 Hours
Sunrise to Sunset
12 Hours
13 Hours
Includes all licenses, tackle and bait as well as coolers and ice for your food and drinks.


Date of Trip: 1/17/15
Published: 3/16/15
5 star rating
Half Day Offshore
I went out on a trip for my bachelor party with Captain Robert. We had lots of different experience levels on the boat. Captain Robert and his mate did a great job showing everyone exactly how to fish and the proper way to reel in the catch, varying the level of explanation to match the experience levels. They were a fun pair to fish with as well, adding in a good-natured ribbing every now and again if we lost a fish. The guys clearly love being on the water. The unique thing about Captain Robert's operation is his boat. I had never been on a biodiesel boat before, and it makes a huge difference! No diesel smell at all. You don't realize you're missing it until you get back to the docks and another boat pulls up besides you. Then it sets in on how nice it is that you weren't inhaling diesel exhaust all day.

Contact Information

Robert A. Mathias, Jr.
(305) 304-4422


Whale Harbor Marina
83413 Overseas Highway
Islamorada, FL 33036